preparing your drop off

get ready!

1. check for flaws + count them up!

Ensure your items are free of rips, tears, large stains, odours (smoke, pet, or other significant scents), significant pilling or wear, and have functioning zippers and buttons! These items will not be accepted. 

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, would I buy this from a consignment store? If not, it's probably better suited to donate or repurpose. 

We accept only 50 items per appointment. Have more to send our way? We will gladly make more than one appointment for you!

2. get 'em clean

All items should be freshly laundered (aka within one week) and any animal hair removed. Please skip the heavily scented fabric softeners. If you have a low scent laundry detergent option please use it as many of our customers are sensitive to scents. 

3. button it up!

Items with buttons, zippers, or snaps should be fastened so the item looks as presentable as possible.

4. optional: iron it out!

Clothing made from woven fabrics (dresses, button up shirts, dress pants etc) tend to get wrinkly and don't photograph nicely. Consider a quick steam iron to help make these items look their best and help them sell themselves. 

5. contact info + consignment agreement

Please make sure that your full name and contact info is written on or attached to your drop off bag or box. If you have chosen our consignment option (rather than buy out), please fill out our Consignment Agreement and include it in your drop off.