how it works

are you looking to sell your children's gently used clothes? why not give handed down co.'s consignment program a try!

how does it work?

1. decide what items you'd like to consign/sell

Review our Guidelines for Consignors and see what items, brands and styles we are looking for, and what we will not accept.

2. choose consignment or buy out

We have two excellent options for selling your children's clothing!

buy out:

This is a great option if you want to get your kids' gently used clothes out of your storage and make some quick cash.

We will pay 25% of the projected sale price in cash via EMT, or 35% in store credit. 


This is a better option if you have items that will have a higher selling price, or if you don't mind waiting a bit for a better payout.
We will pay 40% of the actual selling price in cash via EMT or 50% in store credit after the items have sold.

If you choose consignment:
3. consignment agreement

Please read and complete a printed copy of our Consignment Agreement - we need this filled out so we can process your items! Include it in your drop off - it's only required the first time you consign, provided that none of your information has changed. 

4. contact us + make an appointment

Get in contact via our Facebook or Instagram and make an appointment to drop off! As a note, we are only accepting limited consignment appointments at this time, although we will make exceptions for small shop or high end items. 

5. get ready!

See our preparing your drop off page for more information on how to prepare your items so they will sell well!

6. drop off

Drop off is at 1506 22 Avenue in Coaldale, AB. Please let us know when you will be dropping off your items so we can ensure we are there to receive them! Leave your drop off on the front porch along with your signed and completed Consignment Agreement (if this is your first time consigning or your information has changed).

Alternatively, if we are already delivering an order to you, we can pick up your items and Consignment Agreement at that time, but please arrange this beforehand!

7. sort, inspect + select

When you drop off your items, following a three day quarantine (due to COVID-19), we will sort and inspect them.

All customers (buyout and consignment) will be notified once we have sorted and inspected your items. At this time we will advise if there are any items we are unable to accept.

For buyout customers, we will send you an itemized list of the items we will buy from you including our projected selling price and the payouts of both cash and store credit. You can choose to accept or decline our offer, and choose your method of payment. 

For consignment customers, we will send you an itemized list of the items we will be accepting for consignment and your consignor number. 

**NOTE** If you want any items we have not accepted to be returned, it is your responsibility to pick them up within ONE WEEK (7 days) as we do not have the room to hold them for you. After this time, the items will be donated to the Lethbridge MCC Thrift Store. 

7. getting paid


You will be paid either 25% the projected sale price in cash via EMT or 35% in store credit as soon as we have accepted your items! 


You will be paid either 40% the actual sale price in cash via EMT or 50% in store credit. You can request payment for goods sold at any time by emailing Payouts may take up to seven days to process. 


8. consignment items

All consignment items will stay on the site for a minimum of 4 months. After that time, at our discretion, any unsold items will be made available for pickup (if you have chosen this on your Consignment Agreement) or be donated to the Lethbridge MCC Thrift Store. 

Don't see your items on the site yet? We have limited capacity for processing inventory so please allow 1-3 weeks for your items to reach our site!

Thank you for reading through and for choosing to consign with us! Any questions can be directed to us via Facebook, Instagram, or by emailing