About Us

Welcome to handed down co.!
My name is Miranda! I'm a wife to an incredibly supportive husband, and mom to two little sweeties - my son is two and my daughter is four months old. I'm a born and raised Southern Albertan, living just outside Lethbridge. Lover of coffee, sunflowers, dark chocolate, and trendy kids clothing!
When I got pregnant three years ago, I started to search for clothes for my little one. Very quickly, I found that most of what's out there is either plastered with brand logos, obnoxious sayings, ruffles, bows, lace, or sparkles, OR is WAY out of my budget. That's when I started to look elsewhere. I have spent many hours sifting through thrift store racks, scouring Marketplace for small shop finds, and shopping various consignment stores. I was able to find more of what I liked - gender neutral items, with simple designs in the colors I liked (navy, grey, olive green, rust, mustard yellow, etc.). The bonus? I got to save a lot of money, and make a huge environmental impact too!
Shortly after my daughter was born, I realized I wanted to take this passion a step further and open my own secondhand children's clothing store - and handed down co. was born!